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Collection license with a complete set of advanced tools and functionality.
Ideal for teams with project based workflows and collection requirements

or $360 billed annually

20 GB/Account
20 GB/Account
Unlimited Data Layers
Unlimited Projects
Data Import and Export
Advanced Forms
Rich Media


Collection license with enhanced functionality to extend the product.
Best for teams with advanced workflows and need to integrate with external databases

or $720 billed annually

100 GB/Account
100 GB/Account
All Standard Features
API Access
Powerful External Data Adapters
Priority Support


Customized collection license solution.

Built for large organizations with complex workflows, business operations and information systems
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1 TB/Account
1 TB/Account
All Professional Features
White Label Domain
Dedicated Developer Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 30-day free trial work?

When you sign up for the free trial you get free access to the web console, where you can setup a single user account and two projects. You will be allotted 100 MB of data storage. While the trial version doesn't include any external data adapters, it does allow you to import data. No credit card is required. At the end of the 30 day trial, if you'd like to continue using SpatialWorx, just enter your organization's settings and subscribe to a plan on the Subscription Page.

Can I cancel my trial subscription at any time?

Yes. You can cancel your trial subscription any time. Even though your account won't be active we will keep your data and configurations intact for 90 days so you have the option of purchasing a subscription and regaining access to your data and configurations.

Will my subscription be renewed automatically?

Your subscription (monthly or annual) will automatically renew until you notify us that you would like to cancel your account.

Are there any setup / cancellation fees?

SpatialWorx has both monthly and annual pricing. There are no setup/cancellation fees. If at any point you do not wish to continue your subscription, simply cancel it and you will not be billed again in the next cycle. We do not offer refunds for past payments.

Can I buy extra data or bandwidth at any time?

Data Storage and bandwidth is monitored monthly on an account basis. Usage above allowed subscription limits, as defined by the plans, will be charged at a rate of $20/month in blocks of 20GB for Data Storage and $20/month in blocks of 20GB for Bandwidth.

How are Users counted toward billing?

You can add and remove users as your team and need change.

Monthly Subscriptions. At the end of each monthly billing cycle, you will be billed for the next month's subscription based on the number of named active SpatialWorx users you have at that time. For any named users added during a current monthly subscription period, you will be billed a pro-rated amount for the remainder of the current subscription period at the time your monthly subscription renews.

Additionally, you have the option to mark users as "inactive" during monthly periods when they are not using the app and later re-activate them when they are needed for a new project. Users that have remained inactive for the full monthly subscription peroid will not be billed to the account.

Annual Subscriptions. At the end of each annual billing cycle, you will be billed for the next year's subscription based on the number of active SpatialWorx users you have at that time. For any users added during the current annual subscription period, you will be billed a pro-rated amount for the remainder of the subscription period at the time the users are added.

Can users share credentials and use multiple devices?

Each SpatialWorx user is allowed to install and use the app on 2 different devices. However, 2 different users cannot use the same user account.

Full Features

Standard ProfessionalPro Enterprise
Unlimited Projects

No ceiling on the number of custom projects you can create.

Unlimited Layers and Feature Records in a Project

No ceiling on the number of map/data layers or feature records in your projects.

Offline Data Collection and Viewing

Collect and view data in the field even when disconnected.

Data Import

Import your own data into the SpatialWorx cloud in CSV, Shapefile, ESRI Geodatabase, and KML.

Export / Publish Data: Export data to a wide variety of common data types

Image, Shape file, Excel (CSV), HTML, KML, or publish as maps and web services accessible to any authorized user.

Control Access to Data and Configurations

Set roles to control user permissions to assign only authorized users to each project, and grant only authorized users permission to access the web console.

Web Config and Project Management

Build projects, forms, layers, assign users, and manage projects and data in the web console.

Logically Manage Your Data as Projects

Filter master data layers by any desired condition to create individual projects; work with all layer data or just a subset; separate it geographically or by any other logical criteria.


Build custom workflow logic that triggers specific actions when events take place.

Multiple Projects in the Field App

Field users have access to multiple projects on their field device and can easily switch back and forth between them.

Automatic App/Data Synchronization

Keep your app and project data current and see all other user's updates in real-time.

Work With Multiple Feature Layers in the Field App in a Single Project

Field users can view and work with several different Feature Layers, Points, Lines, and Areas in the map within a single project.

Custom Layer Styling

Design visually meaningful symbology for every map/data layer.

Support for Points, Lines, and Polygons in the Map

Field users aren't restricted to working with only point symbols, and points can be symbols or images.

Group Records By Project

Users have the ability to sort, filter, or group records by project.

Drag and Drop Form Builder

Build powerful forms quickly and easily for any map/data layer.

Conditional Branching and Logic on Forms

Refine data input on forms using conditional logic to hide/show fields or respond to various event triggers.

Build Your Own Value Pic Lists to Populate Forms

Carry values from memory, derive or calculate values from other fields, build your own value pick lists, or use more advanced logic to populate fields on or off the form (hidden).

Design Flexible and Versatile Forms

Create multiple sections as collapsible/expandable or add multiple pages to a form.

Sub-Forms for Repeating Records

Use this for attributes for which you need to store multiple values and to establish parent/child relationships between different features.

Rich Media Capture

Capture photos, video, and audio to associate with any feature in the map.

Powerful Markup Features

Markup and add map annotations to capture any field information, even when it isn't easily captured on a form or in attached media (photos, etc.).

Sketch in Feature Forms

Capture notes and sketches directly in your forms. Sketch directly on photos.

GPS Feature Placement

Automatically add features to your map by the GPS coordinate captured with an attached GPS device.

Collaborate with External Users

Invite users outside your organization to access maps and data they are authorized to see.

Performance Commitment

SpatialWorx performance level commitments are provided in our Terms of Service


API that can be utilized to integrate the product and build custom toolsets.

External Data Adapters

Connect directly to your enterprise database or external web services, bypassing the need for direct storage in the SpatialWorx Cloud. Supports connections to Oracle, SqlServer and Postgres relational database tables, ArcGIS Feature and Map Services, and WFS Services.

White Label Domain

Enterprice accounts can be established with a white label domain to best support their business purposes.

Plan Storage

Storage by Plan includes data, photos, sketches, video and audio associated with your SpatialWorx records; Additional storage available for purchase.

20 GB 100 GB 1 TB
Technical Support

Our product support staff are committed to our clients success and available to help you achieve your objectives with SpatialWorx

Standard Support Priority Support Developer Support

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