Our Security And Infrastructure Summary

SpatialWorx is a cloud-based field data collection solution for any industry that runs on Amazon Web Services and Infastructure.

Security Summary

Cloud Security
  • SpatialWorx is deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and utilizes AWS security rules and toolsets.
  • Please visit AWS Cloud Security for all relevant documentation.
Systems Security
  • With SpatialWorx, access to the system is restricted using the AWS Identity and Access Management Service for best practices.
  • Please visit AWS Cloud Security for all relevant documentation.
  • All SpatialWorx operating systems are maintained with the latest patches and updates.
Product Development
  • All SpatialWorx application development and code is contained within the security of the Byers corporate network and servers.
  • All information transferred to and from the SpatialWorx Console and Client App are encrypted using SSL/TLS certificates.
  • Learn more about SSL certificates
Data Security
  • SpatialWorx database access is limited to authorized users.
  • Client data and file transfers are encrypted using SSL/TSL protocols.
Automated Backups & Disaster Recovery
  • The SpatialWorx cloud infastructure is replicated across multiple data centers to ensure client data is always secure and safe from system failures or outages.
  • Our systems and data are backed up on a nightly basis and security stored in the AWS environment.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly backups are maintained on a rotation.
Monitoring and Logging
  • All web server and client activities and data transactions are logged and monitored.
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